ARISE O Youths of Africa


Arise like men with flesh and blood, let us fight as humans for the unity of men. The earth is rich to make all with life, live a rich and happy life. Life was created to be nice to all it came across. But we had lost the way, by giving true democracy to machines minds who have outlived their usage. These men have developed speed that has shut our creativity and rights into the box. They came as machines to give abundance but they have kept us in want and are planning to leave us in want.

Our Knowledge has made us think too much, complain too much, while they feel our plight too little O men with flesh and blood, we are fed up with machines leaders, we need human leaders, we need humanity, they have been too cleaver in their dealings, now we need kindness and generosity. Gone are the days we lost all to the machine minds cause they had our minds imprisoned, today we are on our feet.

We all wanted democracy but machine minds confused us and controlled a system that makes our fellow men torture and imprison innocent men who said the truth. This misery upon us is the birth of greed caused by men who hate steady human progress. To the oppressed youths, men and women, let us arise let the haters of men pass away, let us arise let dictators die, let power, love, peace, unity and progress they took from the people return back to the people. Liberty will never perish oh youths with ideas, as long as men and dictators die, liberty will never see death on the face of the earth.

Youths, let your voter card be your voice, while unity for progress be your strength. Don’t give your self to men who will enslave you, tell you what to eat, what to think, and capture your brains without giving you the true definition of mental slavery. Machine leaders are unnatural who care less about your sense of feeling. Today we are great youths with great minds and potentials, we don’t hate, we love, Only the unloved hate. Slavery is a lost game youth’s, lets change the game, let’s fight for liberty.

O youths of Africa it’s time to make the life given to the black continent a wonderful adventure, it’s time to make machines work for us, it’s time to create ministry of happiness within men. Democracy has given us the power to fight for a new world, let’s free the world. As we arise to take a new move, let us remember we are leaders of tomorrow. And a successful tomorrow start’s today.


Ukemeobong James ©2019



3 thoughts on “ARISE AFRICAN YOUTH”

  1. Great, I really like it! Youre awesome

  2. I’m highly exhorted by this poem. It is indeed time for the youth to form a centralized mindset and shake the foundations of our African land.

    Thanks a lot once again for raising this awareness.

  3. Truly I have been moved by this poem. And I am very happy that we as African youth are gaining our real truth senses now

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