It is about time we put in all our efforts to accomplish all that we set to achieve this year. We have taken it upon ourselves to develop humanity. In that regard, we need all hands on deck and all brains put to work for these mind-blowing projects to become a success.

Since our group is basically made up of students, mostly in the tertiary and Senior high schools, our attention was shifted from working fulltime on RAISED Initiatives to focusing on our own academic works which are equally important.

To all the youth who are still writing examinations, RAISED Initiatives wish you all the best of luck in your examination. We entreat you to put in all your best and surpass the mediocre marks.

In the early days of the year, RAISED Initiatives set some projects to achieve this year (see the projects here). We are gradually being ushered into the month of June, which will introduce us to the execution of our first project.


In early June, our selected Junior high Schools will benefit from our donation project. The preparation for this project so far has been superb. Besides, the only required improvement is the capital we need for the whole project to be successful. You may pledge a contribution here.

In late June therefore, The JHS LEAVERS SEMINAR will also take place in Sunyani, and then continue in Techiman. Assuredly, It is going to be an impactful event for the young once to learn, enjoy and socialize.


For this reason, all RAISED Initiatives members and the general public who have the will power to support the Growth of the Youth of Africa should contribute their quota to help make these projects successful. Moreover, kindly contact us here if you have further enquiries about these projects.

We require hard work and dedication from you to make the achievement of these projects a reality. We all would love to see smiles on the faces of all these youth and make sure we are making a great impact on the youth, for whom we have taken the task of being members of RAISED Initiatives.

It is FREE to be a RAISED Initiatives member. Click here to Join us!

Long live RAISED Initiatives, Long live the African Youth. Please leave a comment.

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  1. That’s great. I’m highly motivated. We need to think back and know the reason we are in RAISED Initiatives. Loyalty will take us there.

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